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Could I Be a Candidate for Clear Aligners?

February 28, 2024
Could I Be a Candidate for Clear Aligners

Clear aligners use transparent trays that are custom-designed to gradually move your teeth into a more desired position. They are removable and transparent, making orthodontic treatment easier, more convenient, and more flexible. What's more, clear aligners can improve your smile without the permanent brackets and wires of traditional braces requiring you to make changes to your diet and oral hygiene routine. 

Now that you know all the perks, do you find yourself wondering if you could be a candidate for clear aligners? While most patients find that they are candidates for clear aligners, not everyone is. Below are a few traits of those that could benefit from this treatment.  

Good Oral Health

Oral health is so important – especially when you want to seek the help of clear aligners. Too many oral health issues could result in your inability to move forward with treatment. 

The good news is that dental concerns such as signs of tooth decay or gum disease can be addressed by your dentist. Once they are cleared up and your oral health is restored, you may still be deemed a candidate for clear aligners.

Mild to Moderate Orthodontic Need

Clear aligners are a fantastic option for those looking for help with mild to moderate orthodontic needs, including: 

  • Misaligned bites
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Open bits
  • Crossbites
  • Gaps between teeth

Unfortunately, a good candidate cannot require complex orthodontic care. Clear aligners are not a feasible option for intricate or in-depth needs. In this instance, your dentist may make an alternate recommendation that will help you to achieve the same results. Many times traditional braces are the go-to source. 

Compliance With Treatment

Most patients who need their teeth straightened and their bites aligned often want the benefits that come with clear aligners. After all, having the freedom to remove them at any time is something you cannot get with traditional braces. 

A good candidate must be willing to comply with treatment — and that involves wearing the aligners for a minimum of 20 to 22 hours every single day. This is because they only work while you are wearing them. 

Not complying with treatment can cause a delay in your timeline and may result in failed treatment altogether. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Clear Aligners

Does insurance cover the cost of clear aligners? 

Whether or not your insurance will cover the cost of clear aligners will depend on the policy and specific coverage. Many will pay a percentage of the cost of the treatment. 

Are clear aligners as effective as traditional braces? 

Yes, clear aligners are just as effective as traditional braces. They may even be a faster solution. 

Find Out If You Are a Candidate for Clear Aligners

At El Paso Family Dental, we understand just how important it is to feel good about your smile. That’s why we offer you many different options to meet your cosmetic and orthodontic needs – including clear aligner therapy. Let us help you transform your smile. 

Contact us today at 915-585-2020 to find out if you are a candidate for clear aligners. 

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